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If you are after a professional, highly experienced broker to help you sell your business, look no further. At Argus Business Brokers, we have sold many businesses across almost all business types. We have a particularly high level of experience in selling industrial and commercial businesses. These include manufacturing, wholesale, printing, import, export, trades and services businesses.

If you are after a professional business valuation, please give us a call. We offer formal business valuations for business sale, family law, taxation, financial planning and other purposes.

Advantages of Working With Argus Business Brokers

Complete Confidentiality

We understand just how important it is to protect your confidential information. We have techniques and processes to protect confidentiality whilst still effectively promoting your business.

Intensive Marketing

Intensive, broad based marketing to find your buyer. This will include advertising on all major business for sale websites, target marketing, inclusion in our e-newsletter and much more.

Large Database of Buyers

We have an extensive database of buyers looking for a wide range of different business types and sizes.


You will enjoy the support and guidance of seasoned professionals. We will guide you through each step of the process. Our experience means we understand the market and can provide you with sound advice on the likely market selling price for your business.

Friendly Professional Service

Selling your business is a major step. We believe in a friendly professional approach, an doing our best to make it an enjoyable journey for you.

Results Driven

Our core goal is to achieve the successful sale of your business in a smooth, rewarding transaction.


Planning to buy or sell a business or obtain a business valuation?